Ameritrans E-Series

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Vehicle Description

Ameritrans buses are designed with generous leg and headroom, as well as large windows for comfortable viewing. The E-series coach transports up to 25 passengers in high-style and unsurpassed comfort and offers many unique features and custom built-to-order options that only Ameritrans vehicles bring to the mid size transport market.

Every Ameritrans E-Series bus is built to meet our customer's specific requirements. This vehicle can be outfitted to suit a variety of business and personal needs, all while keeping configurations below CDL requirements. The E-Series interior is also constructed with close attention to detail; only quality fabrics and components are used throughout.


Ameritrans E-Series
Ameritrans E-Series
Ameritrans E-Series 01 Ameritrans E-Series 02 Ameritrans E-Series 03 Ameritrans E-Series 04 Ameritrans E-Series 05 Ameritrans E-Series 06 Ameritrans E-Series 07 Ameritrans E-Series 08 Ameritrans E-Series 09 Ameritrans E-Series 10 Ameritrans E-Series 11


E-Series Advantages

Variety of standard floor plans
Built-to-order seating configurations
Full-welded galvaneal steel cage construction
Full body paint
Premium passenger amenities

Standard Features & Equipment

Model Specifications
Ford V10 6.8L Gas/5.4L Gas
Chassis/Body Construction
Ford E350/E450 Chassis
Full welded galvaneal steel cage
Fully insulated with foam board
Full undercoat package
.063 aluminum sidewalls
Fiberglass one-piece roof
Powder coated steel rear bumper
Electric bi-fold door
Ford driver and passenger cab doors complete
All LED lighting interior/exterior
Main electrical panel with resettable breakers
Color-coded wire harnesses
Climate Control
55,000 - 155,000 BTU w/heat
Ford front cab air
ProAir, ACT
Interior Features
Freedman Seating
2-point seatbelts
Fabric/vinyl trim
Rubber flooring with white nosings
3/4 plywood sub-floor
Style & Passenger Amenities
Large coach style windows
Full body paint
AM/FM/CD player
Manual fold-away mirrors

Optional Equipment

Fiberglass sidewalls
Electric single panel plug door
Raised flat floor
36” rear luggage
Underseat heaters
3-point seat belts
Yellow nosings
Upgraded seating available
Upgraded flooring available
Heated remote mirrors
Remote keyless entry
Audio/Video systems
Overhead parcel racks
Frameless windows
Executive Shuttle interior package
Lighted front sign
Digital front and side signs
Wheelchair lifts by Braun or Ricon

Seating Options

At TESCO Bus, we want the process of purchasing a bus to be as easy as possible. Finding the perfect seat for your bus may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. We are a distributor for Freedman seats, the most common of all seating in the transportation industry. Freedman offers endless amounts of seating types from the low back vinyls to the high back recliners, both common choices amongst our customers. To take a deeper a look at some of the Freedman seats and products that TESCO offers, click here.


E-Series 12 passenger with 2 wheelchair positions
Suggested floorplan, customized layouts available
E-Series 12 passenger with 2 wheelchair positions
(A) 12 passenger with 2 wheelchair positions
E-Series 14 passenger with rear luggage
(B) 14 passenger
with rear luggage
E-Series 19 passenger
(C) 19 passenger
E-Series 20 passenger with 2 wheelchair positions
(D) 20 passenger with
2 wheelchair positions
E-Series 23 passenger with rear luggage
(E) 23 passenger
with rear luggage
E-Series 25 passenger
(F) 25 passenger


Passengers (Adult): 12-25 passengers
Floor Type: Standard
GVWR's: 12,500# - 14,500#
Exterior Length: 22.5' - 29'
Interior Width: 89.5'
Wheelbase's: 158", 176", 190" or 212"
Chassis Models: Ford E350 or E450
Co-Pilot: Yes

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