Glaval Bus Entourage

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Vehicle Description

The Entourage delivers superior quality and versatility. Built on the rugged Ford F-550 Super Duty chassis, this vehicle has several available options.

With seating for up to 33 passengers, the Entourage is both economical and flexible enough to suit any of your transportation solutions. If ADA equipment is required, a wide range of floor plan configurations are available, which include the addition of a wheelchair lift.

Deliver both brawn and beauty with the sleek and aerodynamic Entourage!


Glaval Bus Entourage
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Entourage Advantages

Available in many different floor plans
Great resale value
5 year, 100,000 mile limited warranty
Stepwells and wheelwells are galvanized steel
Steel framed emergency hatch
Full view curbside window for improved visibility

Standard Features

Ford F-550 Super Duty
Horsepower: 390hp; 735 lb-ft (Diesel), 362hp; 457 lb-ft (Gas)
Dual Alternator: 200 Amp & 157 Amp (357 Amp Combined)(Diesel Only)
Single Alternator: 157 Amp (Gas Engine)
Fuel System: Dual Tanks; 40 Gallon and 28 Gallon (Inc. Switch on Dash)(Diesel)
Fuel System: Single Tank; 40 Gallon (Gas Engine)
B-20 Alternate Fuel Capable (Diesel only)
Foot Operated, Hand Release Parking Brake
Intermittent Wipers
2 Batteries 1500 CCA (750 each)(Diesel only)
2 Batteries 1300 CCA (650 each)(Gas Engine)
Cruise Control
Fast Idle
Power Steering
Tilt Steering
Dual Rear Wheels (19.5") Six, 10-Hole Disc, 19.5" x 6" RW Steel (Gray)
Halogen Head Lamps
Block Heater (Diesel Only)
Daytime Running Lights
Driver's Air Bag
Front & Rear Disc Brakes
4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes
Traction Control - Engine Only
Hill Start Assist
AM/FM/CD/MP3 w/ Digital Clock & 8 Speakers
Chrome Bumper/Grill
Automotive Air
Front Tow Hooks
OEM HD Vinyl Manual Driver's Seat
Exhaust Diesel: Roadside Routed; Aluminized Steel
Exhaust Gas: Curbside Routed; Aluminized Steel
"Steel-Safe" Constructed Floor, Roof and Sidewalls
Galvanized Steel Floor Frame
Galvanized Steel Stepwell
Galvanized, All Structure
5/8" Treated Marine Grade Plywood Flooring
Gray Koroseal Commercial Flooring w/ Ribbed Aisle
Cove Molding
Vacuum Laminated Construction, Side and Rear
Fiberglass Front Cap
Fiberglass Composite Roof
T-Slide Windows
Full View Curb Window
Electric Panel w/ Diagnostic Fuses
LED Stepwell Lights
Vinyl Clad Lauan Ceiling & Interior Sidewalls
Track Seating
Curb Side Entrance Modesty Panel & Stanchion
Rear Center Brake Light (Incandescent)
Rear Mud Shield
Steel Rear Bumper (Powder Coated)
Window Drip Rails
Rub Rails
White Exterior
Foamed In-Place Roof Insulation
Front End Alignment (Toe-In, Toe-Out)
Under-Coating with Warranty
Side Directional Lights (Incandescent)
Driver's Side Diamond Plate Cab Mounted Entry Step
Electric Door, 30" w/ Ext. Key Switch
Side Mounted Rear View Mirrors (Manual)

Popular Options

Hour Meter
Jack and Lug Wrench
Kelderman Rear Air Suspension
MOR/ryde Rear Suspension
Rear Step Bumper
Spare Tire
Stainless Steel Wheel Inserts
Telma Retarder
Rear Tow Hooks
Exhaust, Rear
Anti-Ride Bumper
Chrome-Exhaust Deflector, Gas Only
Exhaust Rear: Gas
Exhaust, Roadside: Diesel
68,000 - 118,000 BTU A/C
35,000 - 65,000 BTU Heaters
Defrost Fan
Destination Sign
Dome Lights, Door Activated
Door Ajar Buzzer and Light
8D Battery w/ Slide Out Tray
PA System
Two-Way Radio Prep
Premium Entertainment Package
LED Interior Package
LED Exterior Package
Electric Door, 40" w/ Ext. Key Switch
Door, Rear Exit
Painted, Galvanneal Steel Skin Roof
Stepwell, Stainless Steel
Underbelly Steel
Romeo Rim Rear Bumper
Multiple Options on Side Mirrors including Power, Heat and Signal Integration
Bonded Windows w/ Full Blackout Paint
ADA Lighting (Lift and Door)
ADA Signs
Double Doors (Lift)
Belt Storage Box
Interlock System
Padding Kit
Surelok/Q-Straint Tiedowns
Lift Package, Braun
Lift Package, Maxon
Lift Package, Ricon
Escape Hatch
Exit Window Alarm
Hand Rail, Entrance (Right Hand)
Hand Rails, Overhead
Mirror, Cross View
Mirror, Interior
Additional Emergency Egress Window
Fresnal Lens
Safety Package: Extinguisher; FA Kit; Triangles; Backup Alarm
Seat Belts
Ceiling Feature Panel and Modesty Panel Treatment
Carpeted Walls
RCA Rubber Flooring
ALTRO Flooring
Seating: Freedman, Feather Weight, Amaya; Various Fabric Choices Available
Fabric Insert on Overhead Luggage Racks
Overhead Luggage with Ducted Air and Reading Lights
Interior Luggage Racks (Various Sizes)
Overhead Luggage Racks w/Lights
Rear Luggage Compartment
Sliding Luggage Wall Package
Under Floor Storage Boxes
Cargo Netting
Custom Paint / Custom Graphic
Painted Wheel Rims
Various Graphic Packages
Blackout Windows
Painted Skirt

Seating Options

At TESCO Bus, we want the process of purchasing a bus to be as easy as possible. Finding the perfect seat for your bus may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. We are a distributor for Freedman seats, the most common of all seating in the transportation industry. Freedman offers endless amounts of seating types from the low back vinyls to the high back recliners, both common choices amongst our customers. To take a deeper a look at some of the Freedman seats and products that TESCO offers, click here.


Entourage 6 passenger with 6 wheelchair positions
Suggested floorplan, customized layouts available
Entourage 6 passenger with 6 wheelchair positions
(A) 6 passenger with
6 wheelchair positions
Entourage 14 passenger with 4 wheelchair positions
(B) 14 passenger with
4 wheelchair positions
Entourage 20 passenger with 2 wheelchair positions
(C) 20 passenger with 2 wheelchair & rear luggage
Entourage 24 passenger
(D) 24 passenger
Entourage 24 passenger with 2 wheelchair positions
(E) 24 passenger with
2 wheelchair positions
Entourage 25 passenger
(F) 25 passenger
with rear luggage
Entourage 26 passenger with 2 wheelchair positions
(G) 26 passenger with
2 wheelchair positions
Entourage 28 passenger
(H) 28 passenger
Entourage 29 passenger
(I) 29 passenger
Entourage 30 passenger
(J) 30 passenger
Entourage 32 passenger with 2 flipseats
(K) 32 passenger
with 2 flipseats
Entourage 33 passenger
(L) 33 passenger


Passengers (Adult): up to 233 passengers
Chassis: Ford F-550 Super Duty
Wheelbase: 201" / 228" / 252"
Engine: 6.7L Power Stroke V-8 Turbo Diesel or 6.8L 3V SEFI V-10 Gas
Transmission Diesel: TorqShift 6-Speed Select-Shift Auto
Transmission Gas: TorqShift 5-Speed Automatic
Tires: Steel-Belted Radial, All-Season Tires; Continental BSW 225/700Rx19.5G
Exterior Height: 120"
Exterior Width: 96"
Interior Height: 78"
Interior Width: 92"
Length: 27' / 29' / 31' / 32' / 33'
GVWR: 19,500 lbs.

For additional information please contact TESCO.


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