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Vehicle Summary

  • Stock No: GL108578
  • Year: 2023
  • Seat Color: #610 Misty Bay
  • Chassis: Ford E450
  • Capacity: 8 Passenger and 3 W/C plus Driver
  • Vin #: 1FDFE4FN6PDD08021
  • Body: Glaval Universal
  • Engine: 7.3L
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Vehicle Specifications

Options Included
  • Deluxe AM/FM/CD with Clock & 4 Speakers, PA Ready
  • FRP on Ceiling, Grey
  • (4) Seat Belt Extension, 12" (P/N 56410) For USR Seat Belts
  • Install Side Destination Sign Window w/Structure for Customer Installed Sign
  • Glaval Dealer Pick-Up Fee
  • Heater Valve Location Label on Skirt
  • Intermotive Gateway 508-F Ford E or 517-F Transit Fast Idle w/Lift Interlock
  • Branch Guard for Roof Mount Condenser
  • White "Standee" Line
  • Exterior Mirror Set, Remote/Heated, Ford
  • Driver Seat Cover - Level 3 Regions or any Level 3 Combo
  • Romeo Rim Front Bumper (Ford Only)
  • (16) Seat Cover - Level 3
  • External Speaker with On/Off Switch (Each)
  • Decal "Please Stand Behind White/Yellow Line When Vehicle is in Motion"
  • Double W/C Doors w/Windows, LED Interior Light, Leaf Spring, LED Ext. Lighting
  • Spare Tire and Wheel (Ford E-Series/Chevy)
  • 12 Month/12,000 Mile Limited Commercial Warranty
  • (16) Seat Belt, Freedman USR Retractable (Per Person)
  • 3/4" Marine Grade Plywood Flooring
  • Interior Convex Mirror 6" x 9"
  • Passenger Door, Electric (Standard)
  • Front Mud Flap (1) Passenger Side Only, Used w/Running Board (N/A Ford Transit)
  • All Fiberglass Composite Exterior
  • Raised Floor 3 Step Flat to Front (Universal Only) N/A on Chevy Chassis
  • (3) Q'Straint QRT-360 Q-8600 A1-HR-L-Track w/Retractable Lap/Shoulder Belt
  • (2) Additional Stanchion and Modesty Panel, Location:
  • Install Front Dest Sign Window & Overhead Access Door for Customer Installed Sign
  • Passenger Door 36" Rough Opening (Standard)
  • Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Aluminum Running Board on Driver Side (Large) (N/A Ford Transit)
  • Add Tinted Plexiglass to Upper Panel
  • (8) Black US Armrest - Each - On:
  • (3) Touch Tape at WC Area for ADA Stop Request - Activates 2nd Auditory Tone (Each)
  • Priority Seating Sign **Required for ADA Compliance**
  • (48) L-Track for Wheelchair Tie Down (Per Foot)
  • (4) Emergency Exit Decal, Red, Location:
  • Laminated Wiring Schematic **As Built** On Electrical Panel Door
  • ADA Stop Request, Pull Cord, Dual Auditory Tones, Dual Face Sign w/LED for ADA Request
  • 1 1/4" Dual Entry Grab Rails Parallel to Entrance Steps (Both Sides)
  • (3) Q8-6500-L Upper Shoulder Harness Mount Fixed Point to L-Track Adaptor
  • Hand Held Mic & Clip Added to PA Ready Radio
  • Driver Modesty Panel With No Lower panel
  • Rear Tow Hooks
  • Shield Recliner (GM&Ford) RH Arm, 4 Position Lumbar, Mesh Pocket
  • Stainless Battery Tray w/Standard Battery Box - Is 304 Required, Yes
  • Glaval Chassis Handling Fee
  • (4) Foldaway Seat - Double AM Benchback
  • Romeo Rim Rear Bumper
  • Extra 18 Ga. Wire in Harness Running to Rear Exterior
  • Duck to Avoid Decal on Rear Evaporator
  • "Tower" Hot Water Heater, 65K BTU
  • Decal - Vehicle Height
  • Braun Century NCL 1000 3454HB-2 1000# (34"x54") N/A Front Lift 138"-139" WB
  • FRP on Rear Wall & Side Walls, Grey
  • (12) Q5-7580-4 18" Blue Webbing Loop (Each)
  • Add 2 Bungee Straps for Walker Storage Area
  • (4) Mid High Double Seat
  • Ceiling Grab Rail - Install on Both Sides
  • Insulate Heater Hoses
  • LED Rear Center Mount Brake Light, Rectangular
  • (3) Q Straint Belt Storage Pouch
  • Back-Up Alarm SAE Type C 97 db(A)
  • R235516 70K A/C-Roof Mount Condenser
  • Hanover Front & Side Destination Signs
  • (3) Wheelchair Decal (International Symbol of Accessibility) Each
  • (12) Anti-Vandal Grab Handle, Black, Each, On:
Standard Body Equipment
  • Exterior LED Front & Rear Marker Lights
  • Sealed LED Stop, Tail and Turn Signal Lights w/Reverse Lights
  • An ADA Compliant Surface Mounted Exterior Entry Door Light is Standard
  • Breakaway Rearview Mirrors with Built In Convex
  • Fiberglass Front and Rear Caps
  • "Stairview" Driver's Visibility Window in Front of Entry Door
  • One Piece Fiberglass Rear Cap with Anti-Ride Feature
  • A 30" x 48" Nominal Rear Egress Window is Standard
  • 5.2mm Thick Luan is Secured by Fasteners to Each Roof Bow
  • One-Piece Seamless FRP Roof
  • Reinforcement at the Roof Radius is Provided by a .050" Thick Blackboard
  • Pre-Painted White Galvanized Steel Sidewalls and Skirts
  • Sidewall is Laminated Using a Hot Melt Adhesive to Ensure a Solid Bond
  • Black Powder Coated Steel Rear Bumper
  • Rear Mud Flaps
  • Sidewall: Gray Padded Vinyl or Cloth Interior
  • Rear Wall: Gray Padded Vinyl or Cloth Interior
  • Ceiling: Gray Padded Vinyl or Cloth Interior
  • Driver Area: Gray Padded Vinyl
  • Gray Vinyl Covered Aluminum Transition Panels at Ceiling and Sidewalls
  • LED Driver and Passenger Area Lighting
  • LED Entry Door Step Well Lights
  • 5/8" Marine Tech Plywood Flooring
  • Gerflor Sirius #6801 Graphite (Black) Slip Resistant Flooring
  • White Step Nosing at Passenger Door
  • Cove Flooring on Sidewall to Seat Track
  • Stanchion and Modesty Panel at Entry Door
  • 1.25" Left Hand Entry Grab Rail
  • Gray Padded Modesty Pannel is Standard
  • 36" x 36 Upper Double T-Slider Tempered Safety Glass Windows w/Tint
  • Window Frames are Black Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Side Egress Windows are Supplied. 1 Per Side is Standard
  • 36" Electric Passenger Entry Door w/Full Length Glass
  • Rosco Back-Up Camera System w/7" Monitor/Rearview Mirror Combo
  • 5 Year 100,000 Mile Extended Warranty
  • Flex Tech Electrical System
  • Streetside Exhaust
Standard Chassis Equipment
  • Ford E-450 176" WB w/7.3L V8 Gas Engine
  • 14,500 GVWR
  • Bluetooth Capable AM/FM Clock Radio w/USB Input and 2 Speakers
  • Standard 240 AMP Alternator
  • 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • LT225/75RX16E Tires
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Vinyl Front Flooring
  • 50 State Emissions
  • Cruise Control
  • 55 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Dual Batteries