2016 Turtle Top Odyssey XL Freightliner S2C Bus
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Stock No: 106887
Chassis: Freightliner S2C
Body: Turtle Top Odyssey XL
Year: 2016
Capacity: 35 Passenger plus Driver
Engine: 6.7L Diesel
Seat Color: Black Soft Vinyl
Sell Price: Sold
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Vehicle Specifications
Options Included
Additional Options
(3) 10.1" REI Wedge Monitor
20" Clear Acrylic Exterior Grab Handle
8" Ext. LED High Mount Cargo Light
A/C Electronic Cntl w/Digital Therm. & Diagnostics
Aux. Heater Preformance Package
(15) Bentley 19" Wide Dbl Reclin. Soft Touch Halo Vinyl Retrac. Belts
(2) Bentley 19" Wide Dbl Rigid Soft Touch Halo Vinyl Retrac. Belts
Bentley 19" Wide Sng Rigid Soft Touch Halo Vinyl Retrac. Belts
Cargo Netting for Overhead Luggage Racks
(17) Charging Station
Exchange 28" LED TV to 43" 110v LCD TV
Extended R.H. Assist Rail - 36"
(2) Fabric Upgrade To Level 5 (driver Seat)
Faux Wood Flooring Upgrade (Rich Walnut)
First Aid Kit (25 Unit), Fire Ext. 5#, Reflective Triangles (3)
(2) Heater - 65K BTU Rear (Slimline)
Indirect Stair Edge Lighting
Kubota Key Switch Exterior
LED 12v Jensen TV
LED Brake Light - Center High Mount
LED Dimmer Switch
(17) Light - Reading LED Double, Gray
Luggage Comp. - Rear W/ Single Deluxe Door
PA System - Standard
(30) Premier Padded Armrest
Rear Exit Ajar Light & Alarm
(2) Recovers for Driver/Co-Pilot OEM Seats
RVS Back-Up Camera 7" Mirror Monitor
Sony Audio System
Stretch 279" OEM To 296"Freightliner
Swan Luggage Racks - Color Upgrade Silver to Black
Swan Luggage Racks w/ Omega Cool White LED Aisle Lighting
(8) Under Seat Accent Lighting
Upgrade Stanchion Poles & Rails to Black
Vista Elite Windows
Walls/Ceiling - Vinyl
Wheel Liners Stainless Steel
Standard Body Equipment
Fiberglass Front & Rear Cowls
Welded Tubular Steel Cage & Subfloor
Steel Wheel Wells
1" Polystyrene Foam Board Insulation
Heavy-Duty Powder-Coated Rear Bumper
Drive Shaft Guards
Flush Mounted Bay Windows, Tinted
Noble Select Gel Coat Exterior Sidewalls
Emergency Windows to Meet FMVSS 217
Running & Clearance Lights
Entrance Door Built in Cab
Contoured Body Skirts
7 1/2" x 12" Mirrors w/ 7 1/2" x 6" Convex Mirrors
Bright White Fiberglass Reinforced Ceiling & Sidewalls
Enclosed Entrance Step
Driver Friendly Command Center w/ Lighted Switches
5/8" Advantec Industrial Composite Floor
Drivers Seat - National 2000 Series high Back Air Suspension
Standard Chassis Equipment
Freightliner S2C 272" WB
26,000 # GVWR
Cummins ISB 6.7L 240HP
Cruise Control
Allison Transmission - 2200 PTS
Batteries - 2 Alliance Models
Brakes - Hydraulic
4.56 Rear Axle Ratio
Driveline Guard
Rear Air Suspension
Front Tow Hooks
Front Mud Flaps
Fuel Tank - 60 Gallon
Tires - Michelin XZE 245/70r19.5 16 Ply
Dual Electric Horns
Daytime Running Lights
Heated Mirrors
Bostrom Talladega Air Suspension Driver Seats
Radio w/ 2 Speakers in Cab
Customize this bus!
Aluminum Wheels
Worried about poor gas mileage? Upgrade your bus with aluminum wheels and see lower maintenance costs right away. With aluminum wheels, you will benefit from reduced fuel consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, all while profiting from improved durability and a higher resale value.
Aluminum Wheels 1
Aluminum Wheels 2
Backup Camera
Think safety first. TESCO has the capability of installing a backup camera on your bus. Your driver will be able to see in places that mirrors cannot. Keep repairs to a minimum, and customize your unit with this great money saving feature. It will be your driver’s best friend.
Backup Camera 1
Backup Camera 2
Bike Rack
Keep bikes out of the aisle! Add a bike rack to your bus to help save space inside the bus. TESCO has several different options for racks, some with the capabilities of holding up to five bikes at once!
Bike Rack 1
Bike Rack 2
Cargo Net
The cargo net is one of the most popular options requested by our customers. Cargo nets are highly recommended for the safety of your riders, preventing luggage, sports equipment, or any other items from coming loose in the rear of the bus.
Cargo Net 1
Cargo Net 2
Driver Entry Step
The driver entry step is an option that is highly recommended. This option ensures that your drivers have proper support for entering and exiting the vehicle. Adding a driver entry step can reduce the likelihood of your driver injuring themselves while he/she gets in or out of the vehicle. These steps make a safer and easier experience for your driver, and are especially helpful in cold or wet weather.
Driver Entry Step 1
Driver Entry Step 2
If you want to provide entertainment on longer trips for your passengers, think about upgrading your bus with a DVD Player. We install these in-house here at TESCO and provide demonstrations on how to operate the DVD player upon delivery or pick-up.
Flip Down TV/DVD Combo
If you do not already have a TV in your bus and you want to provide your riders with some entertainment, a TV/DVD combo flip down package will sure do the trick! When the TV is out of use, it can easily be flipped up so that it is out of the way.
Flip Down TV/DVD Combo 1
Flip or Three Step Foldaway Seats
Want to make each trip easier? This flexible option offers the possibility of multiple wheelchair/seating arrangements, and creates an easily accessible area when locking in wheelchairs on your vehicle. Strapping in wheelchairs into a bus can be time consuming, but with “flip seats” or “three step foldaway seats”, the seats are easily folded up in front of the wheelchair tracking to allow more room for locking in wheelchairs. You can have more wheelchair positions or more seats, based on the specific and differing needs of your consumers each day.
Flip or Three Step Foldaway Seats 1
Flip or Three Step Foldaway Seats 2
TESCO prides itself on being a “full service” bus provider, and it starts with our in-house graphics department. Take advantage of showing off your company or organization name & logo by looking into our reasonably priced graphics packages. Please visit our Vehicle Graphics page for additional information.
Graphic 1
Graphic 2
Overhead Luggage
Limited space on board? The overhead luggage option is the one for you! Keep the aisle ways clear and your passengers safe by having our service professionals install overhead luggage compartments. These are helpful when storing luggage, equipment, purses, backpacks and anything else a passenger might need while traveling.
Overhead Luggage 1
Overhead Luggage 2
Keep both your driver and riders happy by installing or upgrading your vehicle’s radio. Time is sure to fly for your passengers while listening to music, weather, sports, or any other station of personal preference. Listening to radio can create a much more enjoyable experience for all aboard.
Radio 1
Seat Belts
Some vehicles come with seat belts already installed, but if yours does not, we can take care of installing seats belts right here at TESCO. A safety feature that shouldn’t need an explanation, seatbelts are highly encouraged and recommended in all buses and other forms of transportation. Think safety first!
Seat Belts 1
Seat Belts 2
Talk about a tough decision. Whether you’d like to maximize passenger comfort or make cleaning the inside of your vehicle easier, TESCO offers a wide variety of different types of seating fabrics to fit your specific needs. Some of the most popular types of fabric include vinyl, cloth, and Leathermate, but there are many more options to fit your personal preference. We encourage you to visit www.freedmanseating.com for more information on the different types of seating fabric we offer here at TESCO.
Seat Fabric 1
Seat Fabric 2
Spare Tire & Wheel
Towing expenses in a bus can be extremely high, but having a spare tire and wheel added to your bus can help keep maintenance expenses down. Our service professionals here at TESCO can install a spare tire & wheel underneath the rear of the bus. The tire will stay out of view, but will be there when you need it most.
Spare Tire & Wheel 1
Spare Tire & Wheel 2
Taking long trips with a youth group or sports team? What better way to keep them entertained than installing a TV on your vehicle? We have many different options and sizes of TVs that we install here in-house at TESCO.
TV 1
TV 2
Wheelchair Restraints (Q-Straint & Surelock)
Most of our ADA wheelchair-accessible buses come standard with enough tie-downs for each bus, but it’s never a bad idea to have a few extra on hand. TESCO offers both Q-Straint and Surelock tie-downs, and we always have them in stock!
Wheelchair Restraints 1
Wheelchair Restraints 2
Wheel Covers
Stainless steel wheel covers are a great addition to your bus! The highly polished, easy to clean wheel covers help add to the cosmetic appeal of your vehicle without sacrificing efficiency. These are available for all chassis models, including Ford, Chevrolet, International and Freightliner.
Wheel Covers 1
Wheel Covers 2
TESCO reserves the right to change equipment used.