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Vehicle Description

New England Wheels FrontRunner

New England Wheels has been providing quality world-class transportation for over 30 years. New England Wheels’ design platforms and innovative features, styles, and options remain unrivaled. Most importantly, New England Wheels builds safe, dependable, durable vehicles backed by an industry leading warranty. Ask your TESCO sales representative for more information on New England Wheels today!



FrontRunner Advantages
  • No Commercial Inspection Needed
  • Industry-Exclusive Smart Kneeling System
  • Lowest Step-In Height in the Industry
  • Light-Weight Foldout Ramp
  • Best-in-Class Gas Mileage
Chassis & Body Structure
  • Engine - 3.6L Pentastar V6 Transmission
  • Transmission - 6-Speed Auomatic Transmission
  • OEM Cutaway - RAM 3500 Pro master Cutaway GWJR- 9,350 lbs.
  • Lowered Floor - N.E.W Proprietary
  • Domex Steel Proprietary Lowered Floor chassis provides 3x the yield strength of traditional steel structures.
  • MicroZJNQ® coating for superior corrosion resistance equivalent to ISO 1461 standard.
Bus Structure
  • Patented Advanced Composite Design
  • Warranty OEM - 3 years 36,000 miles
  • Warranty Bus Structure - 3 years 50,000 miles
Seating Options

At TESCO Bus, we want the process of purchasing a bus to be as easy as possible. Finding the perfect seat for your bus may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. We are a distributor for Freedman seats, the most common of all seating in the transportation industry. Freedman offers endless amounts of seating types from the low back vinyls to the high back recliners, both common choices amongst our customers. To take a deeper a look at some of the Freedman seats and products that TESCO offers, click here.



  • Passengers (Adult): up to 15
  • Wheelbase: 179.8"
  • Ride Height: 12.8"
  • Step-In Height (Kneeled Position): 9.75"
  • Overall Length: 22' 8"
  • Overall Width: 7' 9.2"
  • Lightweight fold-out aluminum ramp: 34" x 60"
  • Overall Height (Excluding A/C Unit): 102.34"
  • Interior Width: 89.6"
  • Interior Height: 87.8"/79.4"
  • Clear Door Opening: 41.5"
  • Aisle Width: 20"