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Short Term Rental
Due to supply shortages, our rental program is not able to accept new rental customers at this time.

Are you a business with a short-term transportation need? TESCO can help!

TESCO Transportation LLC is a rental and leasing company for our current customers and established transportation businesses, with existing liability insurance and qualified drivers. TESCO Transportation LLC is one of the largest fleet leasing companies in the Midwestern United States. In addition to long-term rentals (3+ years), we now offer short-term rentals for our customers. TESCO Transportation LLC offers short-term van and bus rentals, generally with a 30 day minimum rental period.

Insurance Requirements

Full coverage insurance must be provided by the renter at their expense. This is why most of our rentals are sent to existing customers and transportation businesses with established coverage policies. Our liability minimum is $2 million combined single limit or $1 million combined single limit plus $1 million umbrella. We require the rental contract to be in the same name as the insurance policy. All approved drivers on your policy will be able to drive the vehicle, so you don’t have to worry! Vehicles larger than 14 passengers, per state and federal law, require a CDL (Commercial Driver License) to operate.

TESCO Transportation LLC contracts are handled seamlessly by our staff, within 24 hours of acceptance. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Nationwide Delivery

All rentals are located for pick up at our rental lot, in Oregon, OH. We can provide delivery anywhere in the USA for $1.45 per mile. Our drivers are experienced and can help answer any questions you may have about operating the vehicle.

A Variety of Options


TESCO offers wheelchair accessible vans in all shapes and sizes through our short-term rental programs. Wheelchair accessible vans usually have one or two wheelchair positions with additional ambulatory seating. Our vans are the easiest vehicles to operate, and no special license is required!

Up to 14 Passenger Activity Mini-Bus

If you’re looking for a small bus that is built with school bus safety standards, look no further than our activity bus rental service. TESCO’s activity mini-buses meet or exceed all FMVSS school bus standards and conform to the stringent multi-function school activity bus (MFSAB) requirements. No commercial driver license (CDL) is required to drive these buses.

Up to 14 Passenger Commercial Mini-Bus

Commercial mini-buses meet many of the same requirements as the activity buses mentioned above, but are designed to be more comfortable and stylish. Many of these vehicles offer passengers different perks, like different audio, video, seating, and lighting options. No CDL is required for passenger bus rental units of this size.

Up to 14 Passenger Wheelchair Accessible Mini-Bus

If you have a small group and need wheelchair accessibility, this type of bus is perfect for your organization. A variety of seating configurations is available using a combination of wheelchair and ambulatory seating. These vehicles are easier to maneuver than our larger buses and don’t require a CDL to drive.

25+ Passenger Mini-Bus

For larger options we offer vehicles that hold 25 passengers. Our larger mini-buses are comfortable and reliable, and will make sure that you get you where you want to go. These vehicles come with or without wheelchair accessibility and are available in a number of different sizes and seating configurations. To drive something of this size, you will need a Commercial Driver License (CDL) with the passenger (P) endorsement to operate.

Executive Van or Limousine Coach

Are you looking to satisfy a short-term corporate client, and don’t want to buy an extra luxury bus? TESCO now rents out luxury executive buses, with many comfortable and stylish options that include state of the art features for the finest luxury transportation experience.

Flexible Rental Packages

Our bus rental pricing is custom and flexible to the type of bus, mileage per month, and how many months are guaranteed. Contact Noel Graham III at 800.227.3572, for more information regarding the type of rental package necessary for your business.

Affordable Rates

Our rental rates are very competitive and our service is unmatched. Experience TESCO’s “Proven Quality” for yourself!