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Vehicle Description



The Candidate II Transit is the perfect solution for those in the market for a smaller shuttle bus or an alternative to a van. The Transit, with its narrow body and long list of standard features, can accommodate a variety of needs. Drivers will appreciate the improved visibility the Candidate II Transit offers with super starview window and the well-designed driver's area.

Passengers will be able to enter and exit the Candidate II Transit with ease due to the 10" ground to first step, wide entry door, and the deep entry steps. Once on board, the passengers can comfortably move throughout the bus with its 20" aisle and 76" of interior head room. When passengers are seated, they will have an appreciable view through the 36" x 36" windows. This, combined with the previously mentioned features, make the Candidate II Transit the most spacious shuttle bus in its class.


Candidate Advantages
  • Large Starview transition window for maximum driver visibility
  • Available in many different floor plans
  • Great resale value
  • 5 year, 100,000 mile comprehensive warranty
  • 36" x 36" full view curbside window for improved visibility
  • 10" ground to first step at entry door
Standard Features & Equipment
  • Fully welded aluminized steel cage construction
  • "Super Starview" drivers visibility window in front of entry door
  • Electric actuated passenger entry door with full length glass
  • 36" high x 36" wide high upper double T-Slider tempered safety glass windows
  • Black powder coated steel rear bumper
  • Rear mud flaps
  • Pre-painted white galvanized steel sidewalls and skirts
  • Fiberglass front and rear cap
  • One-piece seamless FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) roof
  • Breakaway rearview mirrors with built-in convex
  • Drip rail over all windows and passenger door openings
  • Welded floor and wall seat track for flexible seating
  • 5/8" plywood flooring
  • Ceiling and rear wall fabric for sound abatement
  • FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) sidewalls for ease of cleaning
  • White step nosing at passenger entry door
  • Flextech Printed circuit board with automotive type fuses and LED trouble shooting lights
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • LED Stepwell Lights
  • Non-retractable seat belts
Optional Equipment
  • ADA and FMVSS compliant wheel chair lifts and securement systems
  • Stainless steel wheel inserts
  • Luggage Storage areas (overhead luggage racks with reading lights, interior luggage racks, rear storage area)
  • Rear emergency door with window(s)
  • Passenger area rear heat and air conditioning
  • Passenger grab rails
  • Padded vinyl or cloth walls and ceiling
  • Audio and video systems
  • Bonded windows
Seating Options

At TESCO Bus, we want the process of purchasing a bus to be as easy as possible. Finding the perfect seat for your bus may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. We are a distributor for Freedman seats, the most common of all seating in the transportation industry. Freedman offers endless amounts of seating types from the low back vinyls to the high back recliners, both common choices amongst our customers. To take a deeper a look at some of the Freedman seats and products that TESCO offers, click here.



  • Chassis: Ford Transit
  • Wheelbase: 138" / 156"
  • Engine: Gas or Diesel
  • Exterior Height: 112"
  • Exterior Width: 84"
  • Interior Height: 78 1/2"
  • Interior Width: 81.5"
  • Length: 21' / 23'
  • GVWR: 10,360 lb