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Juneau, Alaska

Known as America's "final frontier," Alaska offers expansive wilderness unlike any other region in the country. Monstrous ice-age glaciers, hordes of caribou, and more than 3000 miles of coastal waterways call Alaska home. It is also known for its thriving national park system with 17 parks spanning everything from sprawling mountain ranges to the deep backcountry with all of its forests for wild bear watching.

Alaska's most popular attractions include Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords National Park, the Alaska Railroad, the 400+-mile Dalton Highway, and the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve.

Keep reading to learn more about Alaska and how TESCO services its residents with new and used buses and shuttles, taking them to and from all of these iconic locales.

Alaska Support Team

TESCO has Sales Reps placed strategically throughout the state which helps get you a hard-working, friendly, and knowledgeable sales rep to help with shuttle bus sales. Check out our Sales Support section below to find the contact information for the sales rep in your designated area!

New Bus Representative

Jeff Scharff

Jeff Scharff

Used Bus Representative

Bryan McDougle

Bryan McDougle

Finance Representative

Jim Zsigray

Jim Zsigray

Bus Parts Representative

Josh Clark

Josh Clark

Customer Service Representative

Fred Mahaney

Fred Mahaney

Quick Facts

  • Alaska means “great land” in the native Aleut language (Alyeska)
  • Alaska is the largest state in the United States
  • There are more than 3 million lakes in Alaska
  • 5 percent of the state of Alaska is covered in glaciers
  • Some of the indigenous groups calling Alaska home include the Inuit, Aleuts, and Yup'ik
  • The coldest temperature ever recorded ( -80ºF ) was in Alaska (1971)
  • Alaska has more than 34,000 miles of coastline, eclipsing Florida, which has the second longest coastline (8,400 miles)

Which TESCO Vehicles Come Recommended for Alaska Residents?

Sightseeing. Visiting Denali National Park or the tip of Kenai Peninsula with your family and friends requires a steady and reliable performer. TESCO has a large fleet of 14- passenger shuttles. One of our favorites is the 2021 Mercedes Sprinter 3500 with Apollo style seating and wood grain manor oak flooring to match the nature you see. Are you traveling with a summer group? The 4-passenger 2022 Ford Transit Connect is another solid option. It can even accommodate one wheelchair with a comfortable 52-inch interior channel.

Gas Savers. Alaskan roads like the Atigun Pass and its 12 percent grades see plenty of inclines, declines, and everything in between. Cut on gas consumption with one of our new or used electric buses and vans. We offer Ford Transit or Ram Promaster chassis in passenger and ADA configurations. Some may even be eligible for up to $7,500 in federal tax credit. Contact one of our sales representatives and see if your vehicle qualifies.

Cost-Conscious Folks. Need a lean machine for cruising around Unalaska and Sitka's fishing ports while on a budget? We have plenty of used under 15-passenger vehicles with less than 20,000 miles like the 12-passenger Ford Transit 350 and the Starcraft Ford E450.

To view TESCO’s electric bus inventory, visit TESCO - Electric Buses and Vans.

Benefits of TESCO New and Used Buses

In-House Graphic Design. Our dedicated, in-house graphics team can bring your brand to life, offering basic, partial, and full wrap packages that add your company logo, phone number, website, and other information to your vehicle's siding. Simply provide us with all native assets with high-resolution files and we'll do the rest.

To learn more about our graphic services and to view an entertaining time-lapse video of a bus graphics wrap install, visit TESCO - Bus Graphic Design Packages.

Full Services. TESCO is a full-service bus provider managing everything from title and licensing services to full fleet management and rental services. Our nationwide service means hundreds of bus service centers throughout the country, reading to perform all types of services and repairs from simple fill-ups to swapping out of key components.

We also have a dedicated parts website with popular requested parts from dozens of OEM manufacturers, focusing on interior features, exterior parts, and components. Find the right bus part with our helpful navigation system allowing you to shop by category, bus brand, chassis brand, and equipment brand.

To find the closest service center to your location, visit TESCO - Nationwide Bus Service Centers.

Fleet Management Services. TESCO is proud to offer fleet management services. These include titles/licensing, fleet claims, safety, subrogation, and fuel management to help your fleet business become more efficient. We even provide vehicle remarketing to help you maximize profit and rental services with loaner buses when one or more of your vehicles become unusable for whatever reason.

Whether from TESCO or one of our valued contracted partners, rest assured your bus fleet will become much more manageable with our trusted team of exports.

To learn more about our bus fleet management systems, visit TESCO - Bus Fleet Management Systems.

Do You Sell Mobile Medical Vehicles? by TESCO has a vast selection of new and used mobile medical units for sale with different sizes, floor plans, and configurations based on your patient intake and the number of daily patients served. They range from one-room clinics to three-room clinics with one waiting area and two exam rooms.

Apart from mobile medical vehicles, they are also fully stocked with essential equipment. For example, we offer mobile dental clinics Ritter 204 exam tables, Proma dental chairs, wall mount disposal systems, and other tools of the trade.

Are you looking to purchase mobile medical vehicle-specific equipment? TESCO has that as well. For a complete list of commonly installed equipment on our mobile testing clinics, visit - Common Options.


TESCO is one of the country's largest distributors of new and used buses, shuttles, and vans. Starting in 1968 as a school bus distributor in the northwest Ohio area, the company has since expanded to include virtually every larger vehicle imaginable, forging partnerships with hundreds of loyal individuals, government subsidiaries, large corporations, and fleet businesses throughout the way.

As a full bus service provider, our services go well beyond having a large stock inventory. We provide nationwide service assistance through our service centers, leasing/financing options, and on-site vehicle pick-up or coast-to-coast delivery. In addition, our professional and friendly staff are on hand to guide the best vehicle for your fleet.

Ready to learn more about TESCO? Contact one of our friendly sales representatives at (800) 227-3572 or complete our TESCO - Info Request Form. To see a list of TESCO contacts in your area, visit TESCO - Contact Us.