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Monument Valley National Park

Located in the southwestern U.S., Arizona is known for its vast terrain and sandstone formations. It is also home to the prestigious Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Arizona’s Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is also home to golden red sand formations and one of the biggest Navajo reservations in the state.

Prefer fewer rocks and more water? Head down to Havasu Falls with 100-foot-high waterfalls shooting down a blood-red sandstone backdrop into crystal clear blue waters for one of the most stunning sights you will ever see.

Some of Arizona's most popular attractions include Saguaro National Park, the Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Montezuma Castle National Monument, and the Petrified Forest National Park.

If you are a fleet operator in need of new buses or used buses in Arizona, TESCO is ready to help. Keep reading about TESCO's bus for sale, bus for lease, and transportation equipment sales offerings.

Arizona Support Team

TESCO has Sales Reps placed strategically throughout the state which helps get you a hard-working, friendly, and knowledgeable sales rep to help with shuttle bus sales. Check out our Sales Support section below to find the contact information for the sales rep in your designated area!

New Bus Representative

Dan Myrice

Dan Myrice

Used Bus Representative

Bryan McDougle

Bryan McDougle

Finance Representative

Jim Zsigray

Jim Zsigray

Bus Parts Representative

Josh Clark

Josh Clark

Customer Service Representative

Fred Mahaney

Fred Mahaney

Quick Facts

  • Phoenix covers more than 500 square miles, a larger surface area than Los Angeles
  • The Grand Canyon is the only park with ‘Seven Natural Wonders of the World' distinction in the U.S.
  • Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the United States, with close to two million residents (2020 census)
  • Arizona has nearly 4000 mountain peaks and summits
  • Arizona's state flower is the Saguaro Cactus, and its state bird is the chunky cactus wren
  • Astrologers from the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, were the first to discover Pluto
  • Daylight Savings Time is not observed in Arizona, one of only two states in the country to do so (Hawaii is the other)

Which TESCO Vehicles Come Recommended for Arizona Residents?

Touring. Touring the vast surrounds of the Grand Canyon and Sedona's stunning sandstone formations is no easy feat. Make it easier with our wide variety of shuttle buses, which can accommodate up to 40 passengers. Our shuttle buses are based on Ford E350/E450, Chevrolet 3500/400, and Ford F550/F650 chassis’ with all of the bells and whistles for a comfortable ride, such as interior luggage racks and high back seats.

To view our new bus inventory, visit TESCO - New Vans and Buses for Sale.

Senior Retirement Community. With parts of Arizona having a sizable senior retirement community, you'd be pleased to know TESCO has a vast selection of wheelchair-accessible shuttle buses in stock. Our wheelchair-accessible shuttle buses fully adhere to Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards, equipped with rear or side lifts or lowered-floor designs for improved accessibility.

Like our shuttles, ADA buses usually seat anywhere from 3 to 30 passengers.

To learn more about TESCO's large inventory of ADA buses and vans for sale, visit TESCO - ADA Buses for Sale or call (800) 227-3572 to speak with one of our friendly TESCO sales representatives.

Arizona Health Clinic Operators. Mobile health clinics are popular in Arizona, with top institutions like the University of Arizona and Phoenix's Children's Hospital operating their fleet of mobile medical units. They provide an immeasurable service delivering healthcare to underserved and underrepresented areas of the country.

Looking to purchase a mobile health clinic for on-site blood draws, screenings, and other health services for the general population? TESCO offers a large fleet of mobile health clinics in different sizes and floor plans, from the basic 2009 Turtle Top Ford F-450 to the larger 2016 Turtle Top Ford 30 Passenger Shuttle Bus.

Benefits of TESCO New and Used Buses

In-house Graphic Design. Looking to attach your brand to your vehicle's siding? Let our in-house graphic design team produce and install graphics before delivering your vehicle. We offer basic graphic packages with simple company logos on your vehicle's front, back, and beltway and more advanced graphic packages with partial and full wraps for higher visibility brand exposure.

Learn more about our graphic design services by visiting TESCO - Bus Graphic Design Packages.

Multiple Financing Options. TESCO Transportation LLC or a TESCO business partner are happy to provide various lease and financing options that will allow you to purchase your desired vehicle with low monthly payments, flexible terms, and a fast turnaround. We are big fans of leasing, as it increases purchasing power by allowing you to purchase a larger bus with little cash/credit on hand. Lease terms also provide flexibility with tax spread outs and an option to return, extend, or purchase when your lease ends.

Parts Inventory. TESCO offers hundreds of OEM bus parts from well-known manufacturers such as Braun, TransAir, Ricon, Freedman Seating, and ProAir. Our parts site allows you to shop by category, as well as by bus, chassis, and equipment brands. There is even an interactive bus parts finder to make it easier to find the parts you need.

For more information on transportation equipment sales, visit TESCO - Bus Parts.

Short-Term Rental Services. Outside of distributing vehicles, TESCO Transportation LLC is a rental company offering short-term bus and van rentals (minimum of 30 days). We also provide long-term rentals (3+ years), convenient nationwide delivery, and a seamless application process handled by TESCO staff within 24 hours of acceptance.

Whether it's a smaller wheelchair-accessible van or a 25+ passenger mini-bus, TESCO has it all. To learn more about TESCO's short-term rental program, visit TESCO - Short-Term Van and Bus Rentals.


Today, TESCO is a third-generation family-owned business and full bus service provider with hundreds of vehicles in stock, from the small executive van to 40+ passenger full-size buses. We also own and operate an on-site parts warehouse with thousands of OEM parts from leading brands and an extensive nationwide service center network performing everything from simple oil changes to extensive collision repairs.

TESCO is also proud to service a variety of warranty options on all of our new and used buses. Our warranty options allow for authorized repairs at a facility decided by TESCO or a local service facility of your choosing. For more information on our warranties, visit TESCO - Warranty Procedure.

To learn more about TESCO, call (800) 227-3572 or complete our info request form for one of our team members to contact you directly.