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The capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh, and surrounding Durham is one of the South’s most captivating cities. It is well known for being an intellectual battleground, home to North Carolina’s Research Triangle, with dozens of educational and research companies calling it home. Raleigh is also a hotbed for nature opportunities with the 27-mile Neuse River Greenway Trail and more than 180 miles of greenways in the region.

Some of Raleigh’s most popular attractions include William B. Umstead State Park, Neuse River Canoe Trail, Morgan Street Food Hall, Contemporary Art Museum (CAM), and the Robertson Millpond Preserve.

Suppose you own an airport shuttle, childcare facility, senior living facility, or similar business. In that case, TESCO is ready to assist with a large inventory of new and used buses for sale. We carry inventory from top bus brands such as Starcraft Bus, Glaval Bus, Elkhart Coach, Forest River Bus, New England Wheels, and Startrans Bus. Keep reading to learn more about TESCO and why we should be your next full bus service provider.

Quick Facts

  • Raleigh is named after Sir Walter Raleigh, an English explorer who founded the region in 1792
  • Raleigh is 24 miles from Durham, 167 miles from Charlotte, and 278 miles from Washington, D.C.
  • Among Raleigh’s nicknames are “The Triangle” and the “City of Oaks,” thanks to its plentiful number of oak trees
  • Raleigh has more than 180 miles of greenway trails
  • Raleigh is the 2nd most populated city in North Carolina
  • Famous people born or raised in Raleigh include Evan Rachel Wood, Pete Maravich, Clay Aiken, Michael C. Hall, and the 17th president of the United States, Andrew Johnson

Which TESCO Vehicles Come Recommended for Raleigh/Durham Residents?

Mobile Medical Clinics. TESCO offers an impressive inventory of mobile medical clinics. Most clients receive Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant funding to pay for vehicles like the 2008 Freightliner Passenger Specialty Vehicle and the 2011 Farber Mobile Command Ford Passenger Specialty Vehicle

With our mobile medical clinics, many of the same procedures can be performed in traditional clinics, such as screenings, blood donation drivers, and mammograms.

As of this writing, we have a long list of satisfied clients, including Arisa Health, Bliss Cares, Blue Cross Montana Pediatrics, Connect Us Health, and Daily Planet Health Services.

For more information on our mobile health clinic inventory, visit - Mobile Testing Clinic Inventory.

Sightseeing. Are you looking to visit the 27-mile Neuse River Greenway Trail or the Robertson Millpond Preserve with a tour group? TESCO carries hundreds of new and used shuttle, transit, and luxury buses in stock with the latest floor plans and configurations.

Two solid options are the 2019 Star Trans Freightliner 35-Passenger Shuttle Bus and the 2020 Ford Hometown 28-Passenger Specialty Vehicle, complete with spacious isles and air suspension for a smooth ride. We even carry wheelchair-accessible versions like this Chrysler Voyager LX and the Ram ProMaster 2500

To view our bus inventory, visit TESCO - New Vans and Buses for Sale

Benefits of TESCO New and Used Buses

Leading Manufacturers. Thanks to being one of the nation’s top OEM dealers, we have a vast inventory of new and used bus inventory from leading bus brands, including Starcraft Bus, Glaval Bus, Elkhart Coach, Forest River Bus, New England Wheels, and Startrans Bus. They all adhere to floor plans and configurations to meet your organization’s needs.

For example, our daycare and school clients love the 14-passenger 2023 Collins NexBus Ford, which can also be used as a parking shuttle and senior living facility transport vehicles.

To view our inventory, visit TESCO - New Vans and Buses for Sale

Leasing and Financing. TESCO Transportation LLC, or a TESCO business partner, can offer several leasing and financing options promising 100% financing, preserved credit lines, and tax advantages.

Accepted payment methods include company checks, ACH transfers, wire transfers, credit cards, and certified cashier’s checks.

For more information on TESCO’s leasing and financing programs, visit TESCO - Bus Leasing and Coach Leasing

Resources Pages. Our website is a comprehensive resource on everything you need to know about our inventory, state bus regulations, and best practices. In addition, our knowledge base covers manufacturer video walkthroughs, dedicated bus blogs, and a complete list of state-specific and commercial inspection requirements.

How Do I Know Which Vehicles Are Considered Commercial?

Any vehicle heavier than 10,000 pounds is a commercial vehicle. If you need to know your vehicle’s weight, please refer to your driver’s side door jamb. One of our TESCO sales representatives will also be able to help clarify.

If you are having issues locating important information on your commercial vehicle (e.g., A/C manufacturer, VIN, and other essential details), visit our Help Videos page.

Likewise, vehicles carrying 16 passengers require a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). If you doubt, contact a TESCO sales representative or check with your local DMV.


Third-generation, family-owned TESCO has been in business since 1968, starting a small school bus distributor in the northwest Ohio region before eventual service and product expansion throughout the Great Lakes and the rest of the country.

Outside of vehicle sales, we offer comprehensive services from in-house graphic design and short-term rentals to leasing /financing options and nationwide service centers. In addition, our friendly and professional sales team is ready to help consult you on your fleet requirements from an inventory and regulation lens.

To learn more about TESCO’s products and services, call (800) 227-3572 or visit our information request form for one of our sales representatives to contact you. Our availability is Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM ET, with appointments outside those days/hours available upon request.

You may also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

To see a current list of our bus sales inventory or used buses for sale, check our new bus inventory and used bus inventory pages.