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Family Owned Business
5 Benefits of Buying a Bus from a Family Owned Business
Kayla Graham
Marketing and Social Media

As a consumer, what feels more impersonal than being treated as just a sale? It certainly doesn’t create a feeling of trust, and it definitely doesn’t make future transactions desirable. In today’s society, the bottom line is often the only driving force in corporate sales. Solely focusing on profit neglects the most important part of a business, the customer! When you work with a family owned business like TESCO, you are not a number, but a friend and pivotal factor in the lasting success built over 50 years. So why is it beneficial to buy a bus from a family owned business? We’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why buying a bus from a family owned business is the way to go.


“The value of a sale is not in the price, but in the customer relationship.” – TESCO CEO, Noel Graham Sr.

TESCO is built on customer trust. The customer relationship we create is the factor that most differentiates buying a bus from TESCO, rather than a large corporation. Building a long-term business relationship is much more than being friendly, it’s investing time and energy while prioritizing the customer’s needs.


“As distributors to our customers, we have a mutual desire to satisfy passengers.” –TESCO CEO, Noel Graham Sr.

When you buy a bus from TESCO, the person who sold you your bus will be here to assist you through the entirety of the bus’s life… and onto your next bus purchase. At TESCO, employee turnover rate is low, so customers don’t have to worry about getting to know a different sales rep or going through the motions of re-explaining their situation.

TESCO is a family owned AND operated business. Meaning owners and operators are here at the dealership, not in an office across the country. We are overseeing the business, informed, engaged, and knowledgeable about the product we provide. When employees are like family (or actual family) everyone benefits, especially the customer.


When you buy a bus from a family owned business, there isn’t a corporate group of shareholders delegating prices; we work with our customers to give them the best value possible. At TESCO, no matter how big or small of a purchase you’re making, we are committed to finding you the best option for your industry and budget.

Our value is not only in price, but convenience as well. We offer a diverse, in stock, product line of new and used buses ready for purchase. Our inventory includes adult day care buses, airport shuttle buses, church buses, luxury limo buses, child care buses, transit buses, and specialty vehicles. To make things as easy for the customer as possible, we offer several graphics packages, done in house, and have a nationwide network of service centers for bus maintenance and repairs.


Our sales team is made of family and friends who are passionate about establishing authentic connections and delivering helpful guidance. TESCO sales executives are not pressured by monthly quotas or incentives, this creates an organic buying experience for both the customer and employee. At TESCO we take pride in the fact that our team acts as fiduciaries in guiding customers through the entire bus buying process, and beyond.


At TESCO, no two bus deals are alike. We work with each customer individually to find the perfect type of vehicle for their industry and continue to guide them through all the logistical steps, right down to the delivery process.

TESCO is also flexible with purchasing options, we not only sell commercial buses, we lease them too. TESCO Transportation LLC, our in house leasing company, will work with you to create an individualized plan that fits your needs.

When making a bus purchase, seeking a proven and trustworthy family business like TESCO can make all the difference in your bus buying experience. At TESCO, we want our customers to feel comfortable and valued from the first phone call to handing the keys over, because as Noel Sr. would say, “be there for the customer and they will be there for you.”

Would you like more information on purchasing a bus through TESCO? Call 800.227.3572 to speak with a sales executive today or fill out this info request form and an associate will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Contact TESCO at 800.227.3572 or visit our website at