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Evaluating and Updating Your Fleet
Evaluating and Updating Your Fleet
Alison Wahl
Marketing and Sales Support

There are many questions that arise when the time comes to evaluate your current fleet of buses and vans, so how can you know where to start? Patients are now using heavier electric chairs; is your lift acceptable for the extra weight? How can you provide your drivers with more safety when ordering a bus or van? Does your bus or van have a backup camera and sensors? Are your vehicles equipped with first aid kit and fire extinguishers? Another industry trend is the increase in wheelchair ridership; how can you accommodate those passengers?

Here at TESCO, we strive to find answers to all these questions to better your services and rider safety. Traditionally, a 12 passenger + 2 wheelchair floor plan used to be the most commonly used vehicle in the long term market. Now, we are seeing more companies use the 8 passenger + 4 wheelchair option, which has convertible 3-step foldaway seats so that your seating floorplan can be more flexible. The estimated increased cost from a 12+2 to an 8+4 is estimated around $4000. We’ve seen the extra cost pay off dividends within the first year, all while better accommodating each individual facility’s needs.

TESCO has seen quite an increase in ADA accessible orders over the last 18 months, due in fact to a significant increase in wheelchair consumer ridership. With that, TESCO now offers and stocks a Braun 1,000lb lift option to help protect consumers with oversized electric wheelchairs. Speaking of safety, another feature that is included on all TESCO buses is a back-up camera. Starting in 2018, TESCO made the backup camera option a standard to help ensure the highest level of safety offering for its customers. The backup camera helps drivers fit into tight spaces around the facility in confidence, as well as protect any consumers or employees while the bus is in reverse.

Here at TESCO, we like to think of ourselves as your fleet management partner. We offer many value-added services that make acquiring your vehicle easier, including: a large stock inventory for your immediate needs, nationwide service and warranty assistance, flexible low-rate leasing, title paperwork processing, vehicle registration, delivery services, and custom graphics.

Our professional and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you every step of the way. If you have any vehicle needs to any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 800.227.3572 or visit our website at