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Bus Graphics
General Maintenance Tips
Alison Wahl
Marketing and Sales Support

Keeping your bus in tip-top shape can not only create a more comfortable ride for your passengers, but it can also help to extend the life of your bus. We’ve created an easy checklist for you to follow to ensure your vehicle is always looking and doing its best!

  1. Clean and protect your seats. Use a damp rag and a vacuum to clean off seats for your passengers. If the seating material is especially dirty, look into hiring an upholstery cleaner. For vinyl and cloth seats, invest in a spray protectant; be sure to test the protectant before you use on all seats. Happy seats equal happy passengers!
  2. Inspect all light bulbs on your vehicle. These include interior and exterior lights, driver lights, and overhead lights. If you see any dimmed lights or outages, TESCO’s parts department will be able to ship you exactly what you need. If the bulbs are difficult to access, you may need to schedule a service appointment.
  3. Check hand rails. Due to the nature of a bus, parts such as hand rails can come loose. This is dangerous and can be a liability. This is an easy fix- tighten the screws and you’re good to go!
  4. Examine your tires. Be sure to check the tire pressure for accuracy (especially during the changing of seasons). Correct tire pressure will extend the life of tires and increase your gas mileage. The correct tire pressure will be listed inside the driver’s side door jamb or the vehicle manual. Most importantly, check the tire tread with a tread depth gauge to prevent accidents. Look for uneven wear, cracks, or bulges and consult TESCO’s service shop if you see anything unusual.
  5. Choose the right time to fuel up. Condensation can form in the tank at night and can lead to a buildup of sludge and water, damaging the engine. Fill up at the end of the day instead of in the morning to prevent this.

If you’re a TESCO customer and need a copy of our suggested maintenance schedule provided on vehicle delivery, click here. Contact TESCO at 800.227.3572 if you have any questions or need in-depth maintenance; we can help you find a service facility best suited to your location and needs!