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Yellow bus food truck
How to Find the Perfect Conversion Bus
Kayla Graham
Marketing and Social Media

Bus conversions have had a sudden uptick in popularity; a ripple effect of the pandemic that has led to buyers having more free time for larger projects. Requests for project buses have skyrocketed, at TESCO, we’re keeping up with the unexpected demands. “Skoolies”, food trucks, RVs, and tiny homes on wheels, can all be built with a shuttle bus, but what to look for and what to avoid? With the help of some TESCO bus expert advice, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 tips to finding the perfect conversion bus.

1 - The Price is Right!

Good news! Wholesale vehicles are the perfect option for a conversion bus and cost significantly less than their newer counterparts. However, they are usually higher in mileage and older models that need some TLC. By purchasing a wholesale bus, you can save money and invest more into the “fun” project improvements. It is important to note that wholesale vehicles require work and creativity, a part of the process that makes converting a bus so rewarding! “People looking to do conversions are usually trying to buy something super cheap. It's important they understand cheap buses are not pretty and they require a lot of work, luckily, most people doing conversions are ok with this and understand this.” - Senior Sales Executive, Bryan McDougle.

2 - Good Bones

TESCO used bus aficionado, Bryan, says, “The most important thing is to find a mechanically sound bus with a solid frame. The cosmetics can be fixed by anyone handy.” Whether you have a sizeable or small project in mind, a bus with a solid frame is essential. Cosmetics problems are easily fixable, but a bus with bad bones or extensive mechanical issues can make for a serious headache that can take away all the fun of remodeling.

3 - Purpose of the Project

By deciding the purpose of your bus, our sales team can easily help you choose the type of vehicle that is best going to suit your needs. Are you planning on traveling cross-country with this vehicle as an RV? Or are you going to spend most of the time parked as a food truck? How much work are you willing to put in & what is your budget? These are questions to consider that could reflect the importance of mileage and other factors on your bus.

The pandemic has led to buyers getting creative with their free time and taking up projects that they otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to begin. If this is something that you’ve been looking to start, we can help you find your vehicle and parts for your vehicle too! Give us a call at 800.227.3572 or check out our inventory list at