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Improve Your Child Care With a Bus
Improve Your Child Care With a Bus
Alison Wahl
Marketing and Sales Support

Safety, comfort, and security area always a top concern for day care facilities, but efficiency matters too. An MFSAB bus (oftentimes used for childcare purposes) can help improve the quality of your care and attract more business at the same time.

Child care buses often transport anywhere from 14 to 30 passengers and are designed specifically for safety and security. With the same safety standards as a school bus, you can ease the minds of parents and guardians. All child care buses should be FMVSS compliant- you will want to double check with your dealership before purchasing.

MFSAB buses are exponentially safer than the traditional 15 passenger van, reducing liability for your facility. Fortunately, recommended maintenance and service of childcare buses is very similar to a van- if you’re upgrading, there won’t be much additional work that needs to be done. Your dealership should provide you with a recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle to take out the guesswork.

Child check systems are available, amongst other options, to ensure that every single child is accounted for and safe for the duration of your journey. Imagine transporting every child in one trip with peace of mind.

Click here for TESCO’s in-stock childcare bus inventory, or call TESCO at 800.227.3572 for more information about MFSAB buses and to hear how your child care facility can benefit.