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<strong>Bus Graphics</strong>
Increase Brand Visibility with Bus Graphics
Alison Wahl
Marketing and Sales Support

There is a form of advertisement that is more effective than TV, radio, billboards, emails, newspapers, and postcard mailers combined- and that’s adding powerful visual graphics to your bus. Every day, you can see a variety of vehicles driving around with their brand name displayed on the back and sides. How can this be beneficial for you and your company or organization?

There is no easier or more cost effective way to boost the visibility of your brand than by adding graphics to your bus or van. Essentially, you are turning your bus into a billboard, and everyone who sees your bus will see your company logo and any other information you wish (oftentimes phone numbers, addresses, etc.). The average vehicle driven 15,000 miles a year will pass in front of nine million vehicles, and using your bus as a mobile marketing tool you can reach nearly 85% of all people at all income levels.

You can further increase your visibility by offering shuttle services at specific cross-market events. For example, hotels may want to offer their shuttle services for sporting events or concerts which have plenty of people coming in from out of town. You can experience additional marketing opportunities if you decide to team up with other local companies; partnering up by offering your bus or van can lead to a mutually beneficial business relationship. The more ways that you can use your bus, the more you can make your bus work for you. Try to think of different ways that you can use your bus and get it out to be seen.

By adding graphics to your vehicle, you can use powerful visual messages to signal to others what type of business or organization you are. You can use colors, shapes, and designs to convey whether you’re a hip new restaurant or a more serious and straightforward organization. You can use full wraps, partial wraps, or other types of graphics to convey your message. The possibilities are endless; ask your bus dealer to send you some examples of their work for ideas.

Do you have questions on graphics and what they can do for you? Call TESCO today at 800.227.3572 to speak with your TESCO sales representative or visit for more information.