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Parts 101- Where to Buy
Parts 101- Where to Buy
Alison Wahl
Marketing and Sales Support

Your bus has served you well- you’ve used it to transport hundreds of people, improved the quality of their lives, and increased your business revenue. As time passes, you will eventually need to replace parts for your bus. Whether that be a lightbulb, a windshield, or wheelchair tie-downs, parts for buses can be difficult to find.

Your time is valuable- don’t waste it looking around for bus parts.

It can seem to some that purchasing bus parts from a junkyard is a great deal, but in reality, there are many downfalls. There is no telling if your part will be at the junkyard, what condition it will be in, or if it will even be the correct part. At the end of the day, even if you do find the part that you are looking for, you will waste plenty of time looking for it.

Purchasing parts online can also be tricky- you can never be sure exactly what you’re getting until you get it. You will want to speak to an actual parts salesperson who can steer you in the right direction and get you access to the highest quality parts at the best price available.

TESCO can get you brand new parts while saving you both time and money. Our parts department has longstanding relationships with OEM manufacturers- this ensures that you will get the best quality parts at the lowest prices, and we can get them to you as soon as tomorrow. Whenever TESCO is open, we have a parts sales rep waiting to help you.

For more information on TESCO’s Parts Department, visit our brand new parts website or call 800.227.3572 and ask to speak with a parts representative today!