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The Big Decision- Which bus is right for you?
The Big Decision- Which bus is right for you?
Alison Wahl
Marketing and Sales Support

With so many different types of buses on the market today, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for your organization. Different buses are ideal in different markets- with some being drastically better than others in certain situations.

Before you can begin, make sure that you have a general answer to each of the following questions:

What will the vehicle be used for?
How many passengers will you be transporting?
How often will you run your vehicle?
In what environment will you be running your vehicle?
Do you need special access or seating for disabled individuals?

After you have answers to these questions, use this simple bus guide to help steer you in the right direction.

  • Paratransit Bus & Van- this is a unique form of transportation that caters specifically to the needs of those with disabilities. Paratransit vehicles house wheelchair lifts & designated wheelchair seating. Oftentimes, paratransit vehicles travel directly to riders’ houses. This type of vehicle is perfect for health care, public transit, adult day care, assisted living, church, individual use, and hospital transportation.
  • Shuttle- shuttle buses are used to transport passengers between two different locations. By not having to worry about transportation or parking, shuttle buses help ease the stresses of your riders and can increase your organization’s revenue. Shuttle buses are useful for airport, hotel, college and university, childcare, casino, and church usage.
  • Luxury Coach- If you want to transport your riders in style, you are looking for a luxury coach. Roomier than the traditional limousine, luxury coaches are more comfortable and easier to move around in. Luxury coaches can be a great addition for leasing companies, executive shuttle operations, universities, resorts, and touring.
  • MFSAB- the Multi-Function School Activity Bus is built with specific child safety regulations to ease the minds of even the most concerned parents. Used for school and childcare transportation, MFSAB buses are tested to ensure maximum safety.
  • Transit- these large buses are used for transporting a high number of individuals. With seating capacities upwards of 40 individuals, transit buses help alleviate vehicle emissions. Transit buses have fixed stops and run on a regular schedule, and help get people where they need to go. Transit buses work great for urban transportation, colleges & universities, and parking shuttles, and oftentimes are wheelchair accessible.
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles- There are plenty of different fuels that can be used in opposition to gas and diesel. CNG, propane, and hybrid engines are becoming more popular as the green initiative continues to grow. Alternative fuel vehicles can help cut down on costs and alleviate emissions.
  • Specialty- oftentimes, organizations require a vehicle that is not commonplace. Funeral homes, hospitals, prisons, libraries, schools, charities, and medical operations have all utilized TESCO’s specialty vehicle department.

Are you interested in finding out more information on the different types of buses that are available? Call 800.227.3572 to speak with a friendly and helpful TESCO sales representative!

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