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4 wheel buses
What is my Bus Worth and When to Sell?
Brad Palmer
Commercial Sales

More and more articles are surfacing about the roaring demand for used cars, but what does that mean for your used minibus?

How much is my bus worth?

Finding your bus’s value requires research, simply because there is no Kelley Blue Book for shuttle buses and each bus is built around the customer’s specific needs. In this article we’ll discuss steps to take to ensure you get the best price for your vehicle.

The best way to get an idea what your bus may be worth is to identify important factors and truthfully evaluate its condition. Answer the following questions and then work on searching the internet for a comparison.

  • How many passengers is my bus?
  • Mileage of the bus?
  • Model year of the bus?
  • Does your bus have dedicated luggage or any interior luggage racks?
  • Types of seats (high back recliners, mid back vinyl, upgraded premium seating)
  • Bus manufacture (Turtle Top, Elkhart, Starcraft, etc.)
  • Interior condition 1-5 scale
  • Exterior condition 1-5 scale

Once you have these questions answered, use them as a comparison tool when researching similar models in the open market online.

To sell or not to sell?

Like the housing market, the used bus market is red hot right now and if you are looking to get top dollar for your bus you would stand to benefit from selling between now and the next 3 months.

For any additional insight make sure you reach out to your TESCO sales rep for more guidance on finding the best route to take to get your used vehicle sold!