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Having an AC Issue
What to Check When Having an AC Issue
Alison Wahl
Marketing and Sales Support

The weather temps this time of year are skyrocketing- what happens if the air conditioning system on your bus or van stops working? You don’t want to waste valuable time for your business by having your bus sit idle. We’ve made a list of some troubleshooting steps to help you keep your bus running and your passengers safe and comfortable.

  1. Always begin at the relay board. Check for all five red LED lights to be illuminated and make sure there are no green LEDs illuminated- this would indicate a blown fuse.
  2. Proceed by ensuring that the condenser fans are coming full tilt, the compressor is engaged, and blower motors are turning on.
  3. After it’s determined that all three components are functioning properly, get pressure readings at idle vs. hi idle to determine if the system is functioning properly. Pressures should read 175/35 on an average ambient temp of 85°.
  4. If the head pressure is high, check for an overcharge of Freon or restriction at the condenser at the line filter. Replace or clean out if necessary.
  5. If low suction pressure, evacuate the system and check the orifice tube for restriction. Replace the tube if necessary (call TESCO’s Parts Department for replacement parts).
  6. If your system is contaminated with debris, a system flush will be necessary before replacing the orifice tube, in line filter, and accumulator bottle.
  7. Fill the system to correct capacity and check for correct pressures.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your air conditioning unit, call TESCO’s service or parts departments at 800.227.3572- we will be glad to answer any of your cooling questions!