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Why You Need a Bus
Why You Need a Bus
Alison Wahl
Marketing and Sales Support

It may not be immediately apparent, but owning a bus can be beneficial to your company or organization in so many ways. If taken advantage of, your bus can attract more business, contribute to the green initiative, and increase the efficiency of your business model. Have you ever thought about the possibilities?

A bus is a great way to offer amenities to your customers. With a bus you can offer refreshments, entertainment, protection from the elements, and safety. By offering a driving service, you can attract additional business. Many hotels & resorts, bars, casinos, and touring companies have seen an increase in customer interaction after purchasing a bus. Less stress means happier clients!

Less vehicles on the road means a better world for us all. When there are less vehicles on the road, the possibility for accidents decreases. You can reduce liability for your company by offering a driving service. When your company can offer safe transportation, you’re already one step ahead of the competition. Less vehicles on the road also results in reduced vehicle emissions. If you are interested in protecting our earth and being a green company, a bus is a great way to help our atmosphere. With plenty of new fuel options, being green is now easier than ever.

With a bus, there are so many ways to save time and money. Employee and executive shuttles reduce the need for coordinating within a company & ensure that everyone gets where they need to be at the right time. Save money by offering business transportation instead of reimbursing multiple individuals for the cost of driving. Other types of companies can benefit from a bus by reducing the size of their vehicle fleet and opting for a larger bus- use less fuel and save more time by transporting everyone at once.

If you’d like to hear more about the specific advantages for childcare, healthcare, church, paratransit, or shuttle, contact a TESCO representative today at 800.227.3572!