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4 wheel buses
On the Rise: 4 Wheel Drive Buses
Kenneth Newberry
Regional Sales Manager

Rough terrain rides are no longer only possible with a JEEP or ATV; 4x4 buses have entered the scene. Transportation companies are going off grid and offering off road adventures with specially equipped 4-wheel drive buses. Besides being a fun outing, a customized 4X4 bus can safely and easily transport groups over rough terrain, in all weather conditions, for all industries- including government and medical fields. For some transportation providers, these vehicles are a necessity. In areas known for inclement weather and rough roads, a 4X4 bus can be a perfect solution for rural or hazardous travel.

Buses do not come standard with 4x4 capability, so the actual conversions can be a personal project or they can be outsourced to companies that specialize in conversions. Whichever conversion route you’d like to take, having a bus is where to begin.

Finding the Bus!

TESCO has hundreds of in- stock new and used shuttle buses ready for the road that can be converted to 4 x 4. If you’re looking for a vehicle geared for work instead of play, we have options! 4 x 4 buses are perfect for FEMA, law enforcement, and medical fields. If you have a mobile medical and you’re interested in expanding testing and vaccines to rural communities, these buses are an ideal solution; all available with ADA equipment and safety features.

Looking for something more along the lines of a fun project? TESCO has an entire selection of wholesale vehicles, or “project vehicles”, perfect for a do-it-yourself conversion. These wholesale vehicles vary in size and mileage, and are ever changing in our inventory. Let us help you get started on your ultimate off road adventure with one of these buses!

If you’re interested in a 4x4 vehicle, let TESCO help you get started. Contact us at 800.227.3572 or email sales@tescobus.comto set up a consultation with a member of our sales team.