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Search TESCO’s New Child Care Bus Inventory
Improve the safety and security of your children with one of the many child care buses for sale from TESCO!

TESCO stocks a large inventory of MFSABs (Multi-Function School Activity Bus), which are very similar to school buses with the exception of stop lights and yellow exterior paint. Child care centers, schools, and churches commonly operate these vehicles.

The smallest bus in the “Type A” category has seating for nine child passengers. The largest vehicles mirror “Type D” school buses and can transport over 70 child passengers. TESCO typically only stock Type A and Type B MFSAB buses, but Type C and Type D are available upon request. Don’t know what you need? Your TESCO sales representative can help you decide what is best for you and your passengers.

The most common version MFSAB used by child care centers is known as a “low headroom Type A bus”, which accommodates 14 children and is equipped with child-check systems to prevent accidentally leaving a sleeping child on the bus. Schools, churches, and even some universities commonly use larger Type A or Type B buses with higher headroom and seating designed for adults.

Watch that seat count! Seating for TESCO’s daycare buses is commonly referred to using school bus seating terminology. With school bus seating, three children could potentially sit in one bench seat, meaning that the same sized bus is rated for 30% more seats than an equivalent length bus sized using adult passengers.

Type A buses are usually built with a Ford Transit or Chevrolet 3500 chassis. Type B buses most likely use a Ford E-series chassis.

Some insurance companies require churches to use only MFSABs, especially if they operate a childcare within their church.

Options are more limited for Activity buses, due to the strict school bus standards that the buses are built under. School bus style bench seating is normally used for child care and school applications. Churches and colleges use individual seating similar to standard commercial buses.

Whether or not your driver will need a Commercial Driver License (CDL) is dependent on the size of the bus. Your TESCO sales representative can help steer you in the right direction. Thanks to TESCO’s large selection of child care buses for sale, you’re sure to find the bus that you’re looking for. Call a TESCO sales representative today at 800.227.3572 for more information on what TESCO has to offer.

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