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Search TESCO’s Church Bus Inventory

Churches across the country are deciding to buy buses and, in turn, are reaping the benefits—and with TESCO, you can too! A bus can be beneficial for your church in so many ways, you’ll wonder how you ever went without one.

Typical church bus seating ranges from 14 passengers to 25 passengers, but larger models can increase seating capacity to near 40 passenger seating. To allow accommodation of all parishoners, some churches are opting to purchase a wheelchair-accessible vehicle with either a wheelchair lift or lowered floor and ramp design. TESCO has several makes and models of new church buses for sale which you can choose from.

Some churches opt to purchase an MFSAB bus, which can double as a child care vehicle. MFSAB is an acronym for “multi-function school activity bus”. These buses are very similar to school buses, without the stop lights and yellow paint on the outside. Some insurance companies require religious organizations to use only MFSAB buses.

Smaller church bus units are usually built on Ford E350 and E450 or Chevrolet 3500 and 4500 chassis. Your TESCO sales representative can help you choose the right chassis for your needs.

When you buy one of our buses for sale, you can expect a variety of specialized options to be included with your bus purchase. Most shuttle buses include some type of luggage-storing option, such as overhead luggage space or rear luggage space accessed from the exterior of the vehicle. Typical seats are mid-high or high back seats with arm rests. MFSAB buses use special school or family seating. Seat fabric can come in a variety of colors and materials, generally of a cloth material.

Most church buses do not require a Commercial Driver License (CDL), but larger vehicles will require it along with a medical certificate. Your TESCO sales representative can help steer you in the right direction.

By choosing a vehicle from TESCO’s large inventory of new church buses, you can be sure that you will get the exact vehicle you’re looking for. Call a TESCO sales representative today at 800.227.3572 for more information on what TESCO has to offer.

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